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Crispy and Delicious Air Fryer Chips Recipe

Air Fryer Chips Recipe

Chips, it’s probably the first thing most people make after setting up their air fryer. This air fryer chips recipe shows just how easy and straight forward it is to make air fried chips that taste great without the added calories associated with deep frying.

Prep time 5 active minutes, plus 30 non-active minutes
Cook time 20-25 minutes
Serves 2

Tools and Ingredients

  • Air fryer
  • 2 large potatoes
  • 2-4 Tablespoons olive oil
  • salt


1Scrub the potatoes. Peel, if desired. Cut into strips. Try to make them equally thick. Around 1 centimeter thick is a good size – this ensures that they cook evenly without some being perfect and some being under cooked.

2Put the cut potatoes in a bowl with some cold water and leave it for about 30 minutes. This helps to remove some of the starch from the potatoes, resulting in chips that cook better and get perfectly brown and crispy.

3Drain the cut potatoes and pat dry. Drizzle with oil. You can use up to 4 Tablespoons, but 2 Tablespoons will probably be plenty. Toss to combine and make sure the chips are well-coated.

4Put the chips into the fry basket. Set the temperature to 180c (350°F). Set the timer for 5 minutes and let it cook.

5Shake the fry basket thoroughly. Shaking during cooking makes sure the chips cook and brown evenly – if you have an air fryer that automatically rotates then you can skip this step.

6Set the timer for another 8 minutes and then shake again.

7Set the time for another 7 minutes. Check on the chips. If you like them just golden brown and not too crisp, they may be done at this point. If you like them a bit more crispy, cook for another 5 minutes.

8Sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

Tips and Considerations

This air fryer chips recipe is classic and doesn’t use unique flavors, but you can easily make these chips more gourmet by adding some spices. Try fresh minced garlic and some parmesan cheese. Or, drizzle the finished chips with some truffle oil.

Other spices and herbs can also be used, like basil, thyme, or red pepper. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can substitute a different kind of oil if you wish. Avocado oil works quite well.

If you want to minimize your calories, you can just use a few sprays of cooking spray rather than the oil. This air fryer chips recipe uses oil to really mimic the taste of deep frying, but you can make tasty chips with much less oil. In fact, you can even make these chips with no oil at all. They will, however, end up crispier and a bit more dry.


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